Palestinian Embroidery on porcelain. Right down to the last stitch

Only one kind of cross-stitch is used in making Palestinian embroidered dresses but the outcomes are incredibly varied. Palestinian embroidery historically had religious symbolism. Over time the embroidery reflected their lifestyle. Colours played a key role as did the regions of origin. An embroidered dress was actually an integral historic part of the Palestinian geographical and cultural landscape. Therefore it is important to Najat that a painted depiction of the embroidery on porcelain be exact – right down to each painted stitch. It is a time-consuming but passionate mission of hers.

Canvas & fabric, thread and needles are all necessary tools needed in the embroidery process. These have been replaced respectively by porcelain tiles, paint and the fine pen.

This attention to historic detail is the crux of her work. Not only is Najat preserving this rich heritage in artistic perpetuity, she is clearly identifying and documenting its Palestinian origins. So there will be no questions about their origin in the future.

It can take up to four weeks to design & paint one twelve-inch square porcelain tile of Palestinian embroidery.