She Speaks Through Her Art

Born in 1948, of Palestinian origin, Najat El-Taji El-Khairy attended a French school in Cairo and completed a BA in English Literature at King Saud University in Riyadh.

Fascinated with art since childhood, she studied music, ballet dancing, painting, embroidery, stained glass, pottery and silk painting - while raising a family of four children with her husband Mazen - born in Jerusalem.

Palestinian embroidery in particular caught her attention. She was captivated by its outstanding floral and geometric designs, so she started collecting village dresses & other embroidered articles. She still owns and exhibits them today with the porcelain art she re-creates from them.

Hours & Hours of Meticulous work

In 1988, Najat moved with her family from Saudi Arabia to Montreal Canada, where she further developed her artistic skills. In particular, she perfected painting on porcelain under the guidance of a Hungarian Master from Herend. Soonafter, NAJAT opened her atelier, Kery Porcelain, specializing in personalized and exclusive gift items for different occasions.

Najat also became a dedicated researcher, lecturer and advocate on Palestinian art and heritage.

As she perfected her porcelain painting skills, she developed the idea of merging two of her favorite art forms - Embroidery and Porcelain Painting. She began producing stitch-perfect painted replicas of embroidery on porcelain, along with other forms of Palestinian art on porcelain.

This is now her artistic mission in life.

Every piece is unique and original. Najat uses a variety of copyrighted painting techniques developed over her career. Meticulous work with strict attention to detail is critical. After painting, the porcelain undergoes several high temperature kiln firings developed by the artist. In this way, the art is preserved in Najat’s own unique way. Her artwork is displayed in various museums and galleries throughout North America.