Olive Harvest- Forbidden Colours


Olive Harvest- Forbidden Colours



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Forbidden colours

"A 1980 law forbidding artwork of "political significance" banned art composed of the four colours of the Palestinian flag, red, green, white and black. Palestinians were arrested for displaying such artwork. The ban was lifted after the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993.

Palestinian artists would not be allowed to paint a flower field using those colours. Even avoiding the "direct and noticeable" use of the colours, an artist would nevertheless be committing felony. The police would storm the art gallery in the West Bank at the time and storm artists houses and confiscate them."

The forbidden colors are rendering freely these sceneries of the peaceful olive grove. They depict the village women, wearing their beautiful hand embroidered Palestinian costumes, picking the fruits of peace during the festive olive harvest season. Cross stitch motifs, taken from Palestinian patterns and designs, paint the fields and dunes surrounding them, asserting the identity of the land. Motifs like: “The Walls of Jerusalem”, “the Road to Nablus”, “the Old Man’s teeth” and “The Star of Bethlehem” The map of Palestine always hidden in the olive branches asserts its presence on this land.