The Artist from Within

The Birth

One of the keys to fulfill one’s dream is to “Believe”. Believing in one’s ability. Listening to the heart, to the inner voice that keeps humming inside us, pushing to try, not to be afraid of failure, not to shy away or suppress ideas….and continue to feed this belief with “Confidence”.

The other key is to “Pursue” this belief and put it into practice… to try over and over again tirelessly, to do better, driven by the belief and armed with confidence until success….

First Ramallah Chest Panel & first Palestinian hand painted cross stitch on porcelain.  Copyright 2005

In the year 2005 I had one of my dreams come true….driven by passion and motivation from within, I enjoyed the birth of my new art….. After several trials and errors I finally succeeded. This gave me the utmost satisfaction of accomplishment and a true meaning for being. I realized that we are all born for a reason, discovering it is knowing one of the answers of the many questions of existence. In conclusion I believe each human being has a mission in life and when it is revealed, the dream becomes true. It was revealed to me…… 

To be continued…..