The Artist from Within

When Stitches Speak

I write with stitches to tell my story… A story that is told through a universal language….which is simply the language of  Art….. I use my pen to draw cross stitches which have become my language ……grouped together they form symbols and designs that speak my mind…..after so many conversations in ordinary languages, I discovered that my stitches speak a better language understood by feelings, presented by beauty…..they carry a softer voice, convey messages, recount my past, preserve my heritage, shed light on my history, create dialogues and spread awareness to my cause….in short human communication is born….

Tomorrow:   From Yesterday & Tomorrow Collection

Because it comes from within…. It is hence the language of Love, Beauty and Art….that can be universally understood, felt, admired and appreciated in a very serene and peaceful way.

I invite you to speak my language….. 

For humanity’s sake…..